Insight into the tea lady and how I began.

Insight into the tea lady and how I began.

Hey Tea Lovers,

I just wanted to give a little insider about Dij Teas and Drinks. I have been brewing tea for years. Anyone that knows me personally knows I love tea. I started this process almost 10 years ago with 1 simple recipe and put my own twist on it. But only until 2018 did I actually begin to sell them to the public. I have donated them to people iftars, baby showers and all types of parties/events in the past few years but never dreamed of selling them. This “WAS” a hobby but a passion to help me deal with my PTSD and social anxiety. I have found a small piece of bliss in brewing teas and it will forever be something that I love to do. 

My company Essentials By Khadijah started out $50 and a mindset of how can I felt this to make the money I need to take care of me, my 3 sons and a household full of bills. I was out on FMLA and not sure if I would be able to return. So took my $50 and I started selling Cherish pads, women watches, lace socks, shayla pins. The goal was to one day sell everyday essentials for the every day women. But as I know now Allah had bigger plans for me. 

During Ramadan 2018 I made gallons of teas for my sister event just to donate to the Muslims. I invited me to vend my accessories since she knew the exposure for my business would be good and she understood my situation financially. I am forever grateful for that opportunity. My only intentions were to sell accessories and ended up being forced to sell my teas lol. That was a huge blessing because not only did people purchase my accessories I actually sold out on the 15 gallons that were prepared. 

Her push allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and show everyone 1 of my many talents. I never imagined that it would go any further than that. I said okay I will sell them when people ask and see what happens. I began to loose faith in July in both of the businesses. But by the mercy of the Most High, He allowed me to vend a few more times in August and it allowed me to propel myself to a new level personally and in business. From the month of August to December of 2018 I vended a total of 32 events. How awesome is that? 

I may not be the best but I strive to provide the best taste and customer service. It is now approaching my 1st year in business and it is growing and expanding. I have had so many great opportunities within this past year. I have traveled to Brooklyn NY, East Orange NJ and other places to get my name out. I recognize not all events will be lucrative in making profits but the gain of my personal confidence, networking and constantly bettering myself is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I never thought something I loved to enjoy would turn into something I could take care of my family with. The blessings are awesome. 

I still sale the other items on side as one day I plan to open back up the essentials side of the business. But currently my tea company has completely taken over and that is my main focus. No greater joy then to watch your baby and the hard work that you do you put a smile on others face.

So to my Tea lovers I say never give up and keep moving forward. You are not what the people say you are and you can achieve anything with prayer and hard work. 


-Latoya (The Tea Lady) xoxo

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