I never dreamed of success I worked hard for it.

I worked hard and still working hard every day to push myself to new heights and levels. My path is my path and what is meant for me will be for me. No matter what the haters and doubters say I continue to flourish and in skills. All praise is due to Allah for giving me something that heals me from within. The blessings of doing something I love to help me and then watch the smiles on other faces is pure joy! Therapeutic on so many levels. This isn’t just about a dollar it’s more deeper for myself. I use my gatherings to bring people who are like me together. I invite with a warm smile and embrace to make it easy on someone. The love I have is not fake nor misguided by a dollar sign. When you have walked a hard path like I have you embrace every small detail of peace very dearly. I am blessed and grateful. Keep shining bright.

Love KhaTeaJah ♥️