About Dij Teas

Dij Tea’s and Drinks is a local small black muslim owned business in the city of Philadelphia. This company begin in 2018 but as the owner I have been making teas this way since 2009. The love of teas has always be around since childhood but it wasn’t until 2008 when I first tried to do sun teas and then later switched to brewing. The process started as a way to help me with my C-PTSD, anxiety and depression. The process can be a soothing and healing moment in a hectic day and world. In the year of 2018 I started the company Essentials By Khadijah which the teas are a product under and I was selling women’s accessories. It was at that time when a close friend made me sell my teas and the rest became history. Dij Teas is a pearl of hidden health in a mixture of herbal teas and organic fruit that creates a unique taste while sending your tastebuds on a special thrill ride. Here we serve deliciously refreshing and thirst quenching drinks that can be enjoyed on the hottest of days or even the cold guaranteed ! 
We aim to please by using all natural herbs, organic fruits and the best sweeteners to deliver a powerful taste. This company not only sells the bottles drinks but has its own dry tea line and offers beverage catering services.
Slogan: Home of the tastebud thrillers where every sip leaves you on a thrill ride and wanting more.