A reminder to myself while showing appreciation to the ladies who gave me a shot!

2 years ago today I made 100 cups on site and sold my first 98. This was after I was ready to quit and just starting this business and was feeling like I would never get this off the ground or no one would support. I knew I was a tea maker but not your favorite or even known. On this day I was invited by @badeeasboutique and her sister @_swb__ to vend at their event. It was being held at one @micosjewelrybox halls on broad st. They encouraged me to come out after I had a bad experience and was ready to quit. At this time when I started I had a tacky plain table cloth from dollar store, no direction for my business. I carried 2 coolers, 4 cooler bags, always like 10 gallons or more, clear cups, lids, straws zip lock bags with the fruit garnish and if they wasn’t cut guest what you found me cutting at the table with the aroma of fresh fruit. I was also blessed to meet and share my tea with @micosjewelrybox for the first time and chat. After that I was able to watch her lives, attend her classes and be a witness to some of her new business ventures. I want to thank Allah first and foremost for allowing me to attend that event that day and then I want to thank @badeeasboutique , @_swb__ for pushing me when I was ready to quit. To @micosjewelrybox thank you for all the conversations and lessons. Thank you for helping me to reawaken my inner beast after going thru a divorce that left me in debt, a health scare and fixing on my children’s mental health and well being! I appreciate you ladies! Much love and respect! Also this was the day I met @viciadobeautyboutique and @living.is.a.must and you ladies have had my back even when I be running the other way! The journey is just getting started. It hasn’t been easy but I’m on my way and when my next connection come the really going to be big mad (insider) 😂😂😂. 

I wrote all that as a post on my Instagram as a reminder that we may not always see what we are capable of but someone else can. When we limit ourselves then we can block our own blessings by not trusting what the Most High is trying to give us. It does not matter how you started or how much you had or have. It matters about the work you put into it, believing in yourself and allowing others who believe in you be your backbone if you falling short! I do not have everything I want for my business but I am proud of my accomplishments in such a short time. Never give up to your fears! You can do this!