2 Year Business Anniversary

2 Year Business Anniversary

Hey Tea Lovers,

The Month of June is here and in full effect. We are happy to announce that we have hit our two year mark in business. To some it’s like so what but to me it means the world. Too often in the black community and within our own families they are quick to shut us down with their words or actions. 

Since starting this line and sharing with the world in 2018 I have created my own stage. I started off with 3 flavors. I now can say proudly I offer 55 different flavors! I said okay let me create my own tea for customers who drink tea like me. I had 3 dry teas and now I have 11. now I have added on tea accessories.

The point is to go at your pace. Of course I would love to be in a few stores, have the best labels and more marketing tools but the fact is I can’t I struggle just like everyone else and that is okay. It may take me longer to get like others but it’s okay because I believe that when it’s my turn I will set the world on fire and my business will thrive. Too often do we allow the weight and pressure of what others think and what they have going on drive us instead of using the passion and guidance from the Most High. 

Be you and be great at it. Embrace your personal journey because it was written for you.   I have cried, wanted to quit, became frustrated and distracted while building this. I have been lazy and down right stubborn. But my passion and love for what I do because of how it helps me always brings me back to it. Every day won’t be fun but enjoy the life you have because you only get one. 

Be forever grateful and humble. Embrace your path. Stay prayed up and enjoy life

Love your favorite tea lady,


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